Ley-Ly’s Black Swan

An enchanted white castle towers over the woodlands of Enscharys. Explore and find many secrets in the elven castle or maze or just wander in the lovely grounds and relax 🙂






and then back to my favorite location, “Lost World,” for additional photos.

A fairytale princess ball gown in whispy feathers.  The high collar and feather ruffled neckline complete the fairytale look of Ley-ly’s signature collection.





Gown:             Ley-ly’s Black Swan

Model:             Donna

Makeup:          Skintimate and Noya

Shoes:              “Natalia” by Deviant Designs

Hair:                Nina2 by Vanity Hair

Jewelry:           Necklace, Onyx PowerCrystalby Earthstones

Earrings, “Suri in Yin/Yang by Ganked



! Lost World !  by lolmac Shan Beguile sim 233,109,658

Ley-Ly’s Main store;


Ley-Ly’s SweetC Mall store;





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